Silvia Martignago Silvia Martignago Silvia Martignago


“Painting is my passion”
“I'm happy, as long as I can paint”
“See with your eyes and let your soul speak”

Silvia Martignago was born in Montebelluna in 1975. She lives and works in Treviso.

Her passion for art and painting has brought her recognition through not only her personally organized shows in Italy and abroad, but also through expositions in prestigious museums and art galleries.

That which bridges the different themes of her work is the search for an almost emotional immediacy in her expressive method. The tension in her figurative work and the suggestiveness of her landscapes are free of the typical restrictions which give them an essentiality of color and a material strength in lines. There is also a kind of abstract expressionism added that makes the only essential language from pure perceptions.

Generally speaking, art achieves its goal in the same way, it gets into something beautiful, a life condition, an entire world where you can enjoy infinite and stunning spaces.

“Painting is a deep passion for me. It's a way of giving form to my feelings, from a certain point of view it can be seen as a frenetic race to discover what will be created. I hold my breath until that which makes me feel at peace and feel emotional comes to life, because that is what I expect for myself and that is what is expected by those who see my paintings”

Silvia Martignago Pittrice