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Infinite horizons. The beauty of nature between earth and sky

Silvia Martignago harnesses the force which radiates from colour, enriching and distinguishing it in her landscapes and grassy expanses which merge toward the sky and become one.
In this way her paintings become "chromatic scores", fluent and resonant, which find light through skilful composition, and create a vibrant harmony composed of chords of yellow, blue, red and green transforming nature into a glorious colourful concert.
To the artist, Nature is always something "alive" and moving, custody of memories and stories to tell, capturing the many light reflexes, and suggesting deep emotions.

Landscapes, Silvia Martignago paintings


Flowers, tears of color, chromatic jets create fervent emotions

Nature becomes a dream through a delicate poetic "writing".
Here, Silvia Martignago's painting is eclectic and free, capable of ranging over new and personal expressive forms.

Inspirations, Silvia Martignago paintings


Harmony, Creativity and Modern design

Symbol of love, devotion, admiration, beauty, perfection and friendship. Silvia Martignago's roses are made entirely by hand and in a home they create atmosphere, give color, give a soul to the house and represent a unique handcrafted piece of furniture.

Processing: Mixed technique on canvas - Breathable, compact and resistant mineral material - Very fine and natural acrylic color - Non-toxic bright water-based enamel - Dust of light.

Each single canvas is worked by hand with a unique and singular touch of a spatula that makes the material adhere to the surface, making the Rose take shape.

Look Silvia Martignago's "Furniture Palette"

Roses by Silvia Martignago